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Titer Testing

Titer Testing Services in Marlboro, MA

Marlboro Animal Hospital offers Titer Testing in lieu of vaccinations. We encourage our clients to discuss the pros and cons of both vaccinations and Titer Testing with us so you can make an informed decision based on the lifestyle of your animals.

Titer testing, also called serology and antibody testing, is a simple blood test to ensure that a dog or cat has responded to vaccination with a specific “core” virus vaccine. Titer testing for dogs is commonly used to ensure antibodies for CDV (distemper), CPV-2 (parvovirus), and CAV-2 (adenovirus-2). Testing can determine if protective immunity exists in a previously vaccinated animal and establish the duration of immunity (DOI). It is a powerful tool for anyone wanting to avoid unnecessary revaccination or to ensure effective vaccination of a puppy or kitten. 

Rabies antibody titer tests for dogs and cats are currently not accepted in lieu of rabies vaccination in the US. Titer testing is generally not medically accepted as useful for testing for Coronavirus or Lyme disease. Titer testing for cats is only done for panleukopenia and not for herpes and calicivirus.

What the AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines say about Titer Testing for Dogs  

“Despite the confusion and controversy surrounding antibody testing, these serologic tests are useful for monitoring immunity to CDV, CPV-2, and CAV-1…. The tests are also medically useful to ensure that a dog responds to a specific core virus vaccine and/or to determine if immunity is present in a previously vaccinated dog.”

“The serologic test is the only acceptable way to ensure a client-owned dog develops an immune response.”

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