veterinary surgery in marlboro ma

Surgery and Pain Management

Veterinary Surgery in Marlboro, MA

Whether it is a routine surgery such as a spay or neuter or more advanced surgery such as foreign body or bladder stone removal, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is in compassionate hands at Marlboro Animal Hospital.

Veterinary Surgery Services

We provide many soft tissue and abdominal surgical services at our hospital. These surgeries include but are not limited to sp, neuters, growth removals, ear surgery, skin reconstruction, bladder stone removal, and tooth extractions. We also perform emergency surgeries such as laceration repair, ophthalmic surgery, GDV, intestinal surgery to remove foreign objects and wound repair. If you have a question regarding surgery for dogs or cats please do not hesitate to call us.

Pain Management

We are dedicated to keeping pets as pain-free as possible before, during and after surgery. Pain management is always a concern with any procedure or treatment. We provide pain medication before, during and after surgery to ensure your pet’s comfort. We also make sure that adequate pain medication is sent home following any surgical procedure.

Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring

We use the safest anesthetic options available and we provide the same level of patient monitoring that is used in human medicine. We will never leave your pet’s side while under anesthesia. We monitor all of your pet’s vital signs with state of the art equipment as well as manual techniques. We will always make sure that your pet recovers from surgery in a warm and comfortable environment while being cared for by a trained professional.

Laser Therapy

After all surgeries (except those involving cancer), we use a Class-IV Laser at the surgical site. This is the most advanced laser treatment available to the medical field. This laser, when applied to the surgical site, creates a “Cascade Blood Flow” to the area. This will rush healthy, oxygenated blood to the surgical site, which helps speed up healing, reduce pain and swelling, and help to reduce scarring.

Contact Us About Veterinary Surgery and Pain Management

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